Deepika Padukone Diet Plan

Deepika Padukone Diet Plan

Deepika Padukone was born on 5, January,1986. She is one of the highest paid on the world. She has numerous of awards, including Filmfare Awards. She is among the nation’s popular and charming personalities. She is the daughter of player Prakash Padukone. In teenage, she played in National Level championship of Badminton. She left badminton to become a supermodel. She stared in Kannada film Aishwarya and recieved several offers later on. She debuted in Bollywood with film Om Shanti Om in 2007, for which she won a filmfare award. She was a part of several Bollywood hits including Love Aaj Kal, Bachna Ae Haseeno, Cocktail, Chennai Express, Happy New Year, Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani, Goliyon Ki Raasleela Ram-Leela and Piku.


Apart from her film career, she has participated in shows, endrose some beauty brands, columnist of an Indian Newspaper, and founder of The Live Love Laugh Foundation, which deals in awareness on mental issues. She participated in World 10K Bangalore Marathon, to raise money for 81 NGOs. Padukone adopted a village as a part of “NDTV’s Greenathon Campaign”,  ensuring village with electricity. She is the brand ambassador for Indian Psychiatric Society and launched poster and videos for victims of depression. In 2016, she teamed up with AASRA to launch tools and resources to support people. For show Jai Jawaan, she visited soldiers in Jammu to encourage them.  She owns her own fashion line with Van Heusen and “All about you” under portal Myntra.

Deepika Padukone is a supermodel, an actress and a state level player. She follows a strict diet and a workout routine. She doesn’t have a personal trainer but she takes help from Yasmin Karachiwala. Her motto towards a healthy lifestyle: “I do regular exercise, yoga, eat healthy and positive thinking is what makes me look good.” She avoids junk food and spicy food. Her diet includes right amount of carbohydrates and protiens. She loves to eat rice, but avoids rice and non vegetarian food at night. She takes small meals in between. And during shoots, she prefers to have homemade food. She is a big foodie and doesn’t starve herself. Her trainer suggest her to take meals at regular intervals. Here is Deepika Complete Diet Plan



  • She takes 2 eggs ( only white part).
  • And glass of milk having low fat.


  • She takes non- veg, generally fish ( grilled)
  • She eats one green vegetable inherited lunch.


  • Coffee(filter)
  • And some dry fruits


  • She avoids heavy food, non veg and rice.
  • She prefers to take salads, roti and vegetables which provides every nutrients from this diet.

Many say that there is a lot of similarity between Deepika and Priyanka Chopras Diet Chart.

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Jennifer Connelly Before And After Pictures

Jennifer Connelly

Jennifer Lynn Connelly was born on 12 December 1970 in Cairo, New York to mother Ilene and father Gerard Karl Connelly who was a clothing manufacturer. A child model at the start of her career; Connelly is now a famous American actress.

She made her debut with the film ‘Once Upon a Time in America’. She is widely known for her roles in movies such as ‘The Day the Earth Stood Still’, ‘Hulk’, ‘Dark City’ and ‘A Beautiful Mind’.She is married to fellow actor Paul Bettany. She has 3 children.

Jennifer Connelly Before And After Pictures

Jennifer Connelly Plastic surgery

It has become very important for actresses of the Hollywood industry to maintain their youthful look; which only seems possible with the use of cosmetic processes. One of the famous actresses to have followed this is Jennifer Connelly. She has denied having done anything to her face but has accepted to the procedures done on her breasts. She is rumored to have undergone the following procedures.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

The actress has definitely undergone a nose job but she has denied this rumor over and over again. Her nose was more bulbous and wider at the bridge. Now it has drastically changed. It is more pointed and straight. Her nasal bridge has become narrower; giving it a very sleek look.Read more: Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery Pictures

Breast Reduction Surgery

The actress actually used breast implants when she was young. But soon she began complaining of neck and back pain as well as discomfort. Blessed with a voluptuous figure after that surgery, the actress chose to reduce her cup size. Her breasts became perkier, a size smaller and lifted than before. The change greatly compliments her face overall.

Jennifer Connelly Before And After PLASTIC SURGERY

Botox Treatment

The actress has a very glowing and radiant skin. It might be a result of some Botox procedure being done on her forehead and cheeks. It compliments her overall look beautifully. Her face looks youthful and free of any wrinkles and fine lines.

The continuous expectation that actresses have to meet to look ever youthful and beautiful turns them towards plastic surgery. This beautiful actress is an example of how not all cosmetic surgeries are a fail. The changes made to her looks were actually for the best giving off a very mature and pretty appearance. These procedures have increased her sex appeal as well.

Read more:  Axl Rose Plastic Surgery Before And After Pictures

Heidi Klum Plastic Surgery PICTURES

Although she denies undergoing such processes, her pictures speak for themselves. She has never stated that she doesn’t support anyone from using such technique. Her better and enhanced looks prove to be promising as she continues to get many roles even at present. Her talented acting along with her new looks are a complete package.

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Heidi Klum Plastic Surgery Miracle

Heidi Klum is a famous German-American supermodel. She was born on 1 June 1973, in Germany to a hairdresser mother Erna and father Günther Klum who was an executive in a cosmetic company.She started her career with modeling for magazines such as Elle and Marie Claire. She soon became the first Victoria’s Secret Agent model from Germany. Further she started hosting many talk shows and reality shows; and garnered numerous Emmy nominations for the same. Presently she works as a producer, fashion designer and businesswoman.She is famously known for being a judge on the talent show America’s Got Talent. She has been married twice and has four children.

Heidi Klum Plastic Surgery

Heidi Klum Plastic Surgery

For a mother of four kids, Heidi definitely looks way too well maintained and well plastic. One of the most famous trends of Hollywood is getting a plastic surgery. Apparently to get a job in the industry and to maintain it, people do have to follow some sort of cosmetic reconstruction. Klum seems to follow the same trend. Her looks have changed over the years; making her look younger than before. Her skin is radiant and free from any ageing signs. She has accepted to having gone under the knife only for a breast surgery; but there seems more to it. She has possibly followed the under mentioned cosmetic procedures. ( Many say’s she has gone for the same procedure has nicki minaj, take a look at nicki minaj’s Then and Now Pictures)

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Heidi has confirmed having undergone a breast surgery. Her breasts look much bigger and fuller than during the start of her modeling career. They also look more lifted and toned. She must have done something for such a drastic change. Her figure is curvier now and the star seems to have gotten a confidence boost because of the same.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

Quite common among the Hollywood stars, a nose job is something even Klum indulged into. Although her nose was slimmer to begin with; now it is more pointed at the tip. Her nose bridge doesn’t seem to have changed. Only the tip has been reduced in size.

Botox Treatment Surgery

Heidi Klum Plastic Surgery PICTURES

The German model is rumored to have had a Botox procedure done. Her skin is more radiant and free of any signs of wrinkles even when she is in her forties. Her skin looks more rigid nowadays. Also her skin looks excessively shiny; especially her forehead and cheeks.Heidi has never failed to look glamorous and beautiful no matter what event she attends. But her appearance somewhat looks fake due to no signs of ageing. Although she has been denying having used any other cosmetic process on herself; her photographs when compared with those from present state something completely difference.


Having been a model it becomes really crucial for her to maintain her looks; no matter how unrealistic and unnatural the process is. Even in her forties the model doesn’t fail to look young. However the breast surgery she followed definitely increased her sex appeal and hence Hollywood worth. Plastic surgery and her resultant ever young looks have increased her confidence; which is a good sign.


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Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery News Revealed

Cameron Michelle Diaz was born on 30 August 1972 in San Diego, California. She is a world famous American actress, model and producer. Her mother used to work as an import/export agent while her father worked in an oil company. She started off as a model for many ad campaigns before landing her breakthrough role in the movie ‘The Mask’.Some of her famous endeavors include ‘Charlie’s Angels’, ‘My Best Friend’s wedding’, and ‘Knight and Day’. Also she voiced the character of Princess Fiona of The Shrek. She has been nominated for a number of awards and has won many of them. She has also released two health books in recent years, which deal with the concepts of healthy lifestyle and agin naturally.

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery


Cameron Diaz Cosmetic Surgery Pictures

The actress like many others of the Hollywood industry has undergone her share of plastic surgery; but she stated medical reasons over cosmetic ones. She has been vocal about having gotten Botox treatment and multiple nose jobs. Let’s deduce what she underwent on the basis of her pictures from her past and now.


Diaz has accepted to having undergone a nose job more than three times. However she stated her slightly dislocated nasal septum as a reason for the surgery as she suffered from respiratory problems over the years. Her nose after the surgery looks longer and slightly pointed at the tip. Also her nose bridge looks a little more wide and symmetrical. Many suspect that she underwent the surgery not for medical purpose only but also for cosmetic enhancement.

Botox Treatment

Another procedure the actress confirmed having used is Botox. However, she also considers it a huge mistake. Her pictures over the decades show that although her skin is smoother now; yet her skin also looks way too glassy and bright. Her face looks frozen at certain regions. The Botox filler seems too much in regions like her forehead and cheeks.

Cheek Implants And Facelift

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery story

Diaz is also rumored to have undergone cheek implants. Although she had puffy cheeks since beginning of her career; but her cheeks look more solid and lifted, especially when she smiles. Her face looks more rigid now, which may have been due to a facelift surgery.

Breast Augmentation

Her bust size seems to have increased a bit; causing speculations related to her having underwent breast surgery. However’ her increased breast size seems as a result of weight gain rather than a surgery.


The actress has always been regarded as a sex symbol for the industry and is extremely beautiful. But the surgeries she underwent; instead of enhancing her beauty, made her face look more plastic and rigid. She herself pointed out that she would have aged far better and beautifully without the procedures. She started enlisting her experiences more openly in the books she authors. And now states that a healthy living is way better than following some cosmetic trends. Her fans still love her for her cheeky laugh and pretty eyes; no matter what all processes she gets done on her face.


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Iggy Azalea Plastic Surgery Scandal

Iggy Azalea was born on 7 June 1990 in Sydney, Australia. She is a famed singer, rapper and songwriter. She started off her singing career by flying off alone to United States to pursue hip hop music, when she was just 16. She got her first break when she released two singles on YouTube. She went ahead to join various music labels and further won many accolades for her singing.She has featured with many other musicians as well. She has stated Tupac Shakur and Beyonce as her inspiration for music. Some of her famous songs include Fancy, Work, Pu$$y etc. she will be soon seen as a judge on X Factor Australia. She was previously engaged to basketball player, Nick Young in 2015 but they split up in 2016.


Iggy Azalea Plastic surgery

It has become a trend in Hollywood to get at least one cosmetic procedure done. Like many other celebs, Iggy also tried her hand at cosmetic surgery. She openly accepted the fact of using plastic treatment was her nose and breasts. But she has never accepted a few other surgeries that critics and her own fans accused her of having. Let us take a look at what all procedures her past and present photographs suggest she had.

Rhinoplasty Surgery

The rapper was very open discussing about this particular procedure. Her nose previously was more round and big. While now her nose is thin and triangular in shape. The bridge of her nose looks narrower. Also the tip is now more angular and pointed. However, Azalea has stated that she herself doesn’t see much difference in her nose.

Chin Surgery

Her chin now looks more pointed while it was blunt before. Her jaw looks more aligned than before. It might have also occurred due to weight loss.

Butt Implants

Something that Iggy denied having had undergone, was butt surgery. Her fans however thought differently and many accused her of having a fake butt. Her butt in recent photographs looked bigger and lifted. Also it made her overall derriere curvy.

Breast Augmentation Surgery

Iggy Azalea Plastic Surgery

Another surgery she has been open about. She has confirmed having used breast implants. Her boobs are bigger, perkier and round. She stated that she always wanted to have bigger breasts and a fuller cup size.

Lip Augmentation Surgery

Her past photographs show that she might have had followed up a treatment on her lips as well. The rapper’s lips look fuller than before and possibly more defined. Her lips were thinner in the past. The rapper confirmed her nose and breast surgery in many interviews, but denied other ones, especially the butt surgery. She has advocated plastic surgery as an individual’s personal choice and stated that she sees nothing wrong with it. She is positive influence for all those who want to try out plastic surgery but are afraid of societal image or thoughts.

Iggy Azalea Plastic Surgery Pictures

The plastic surgery definitely helped her gain more confidence. She looks more curvy and attractive than before. It also boosted her sex appeal increasing her media value more.

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Donatella Versace Before And After Plastic Surgery

Donatella Francesca Versace is a famous Italian fashion designer for many Hollywood models and celebs. She was born on 2nd May 1955 in Reggio Calabria. She is the youngest of all four of her siblings. She entered the industry through her elder brother Giovanni’s links in the industry. She is good friends with many famous Hollywood celebs, including Demi Moore, Jennifer Lopez, and Beyonce etc. She is a famed name in the industry of fashion due to her unique and beautiful designs and collection. She took over 20 % of the Versace shares after her elder brother’s death.

Donatella Versace Plastic Surgery


She aged beautifully till 59, until she decided to use plastic surgery to look ageless. She is very difficult to recognize now; if one looks at her old pictures. Her procedures seemed to have gone awry for all the wrong reasons. Let’s take a look at what all she underwent.

Cheek Implants

Her old and new photographs show her cheeks to have swollen to double the size. They look brighter. But they look freakishly large on her face.

Lip implants

Her lips presently look fuller and bigger than in past. But she is rumored to have undergone more than one surgery on her lips. They look swollen and painful, especially her lower lip.

Rhinoplasty Surgery


Her nose job definitely went wrong. Her nose looks more swollen and bigger. It now is blob shaped and the nose bridge is also wider and humped. She is a classic example of how plastic surgeries go wrong in certain cases.

Facelift Surgery

She did get a facelift but instead of reducing the wrinkles and tightening her skin; it in turn sagged her facial muscles more. It made her face look way too tight even to move it.


She was rumored to have undergone fat removal from her waist and thighs too. This surgery didn’t create much of a problem for her seemingly.

Breast implants

Also suspected of having undergone breast surgery; Donatella’s breast look more prominent in a few recent pictures. The implants seem to have been put only in the above portions of the breasts.


Botox Treatment

She chose to undergo a Botox filler surgery. But in her case the Botox filler must have been too much in quantity since her skin looks glassy. It looks as if her entire face is melting in contrast to how youthful she used to look a few decades back.Her changing looks were the talk of the town and her name always appears in list of celebrities with wrong plastic procedure being done on them. She would have looked more beautiful in her natural ageing state. Now her skin and facial features look morphed and fake. Also the other surgeries she did to reverse the effects of the first one didn’t turn out to be fruitful either. She could have avoided this if she didn’t try to follow the trend of undergoing plastic surgery. One must consider the pros and cons of a surgery and in those cases the doctor or surgeon must also be a qualified one.

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